BLACK - PCGS Slab Storage Box

.SPLY @2821 (x1) BLACK ST 10z+4z
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You will receive (1 item) similar to the ones shown.
Black PCGS Plastic Slab Holder Box (Each box will hold 20 slabs)

Please note these are used items from grading submissions and normal coin shop life.
There will be stickers, tape, marker on the box - usually this can be removed with a little elbow grease.

These will be the BLACK plastic holders from PCGS.

Condition: USED
Color: Black
Brand: PCGS
Capacity: 1 box holds 20 slabs

PCGS holders are designed for PCGS slabs. 
Hint: Some holders are designed for the slabs at the end to face out. If the last slab doesn't slide in, try turning it around.