1780's El Cazador Ship Wreck 1/2 Real Silver Dollar - Graded NGC Genuine

.C7 Cazador 1/2R (x1) ST#361806
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You will receive (1) 1780's El Cazador Ship Wreck 1/2 Real - Graded NGC Genuine similar to the ones in the photograph.  These are from the historic El Cazador Ship Wreck. 

The El Cazador was a spanish ship that sunk in 1784 on route from Vera Cruz to New Orleans.  The wrecked site was discovered many years later in 1993. The treasure of the El Cazador, which contained over 400,000 Spanish 8 reales and an equal amount of smaller denomination Spanish colonial coins from the Mexico City mint.  El Cazador's loss contributed to Spain's eventual conveyance of Louisiana to France's Napoleon in 1800. A few years later Napoleon sold Louisiana to the United States, doubling the size of the country.

On some coins you cannot see a date, hence these being graded 'genuine' by NGC.